City Cottages Hein Park

A unique gated church community built around New Bellevue Baptist Church, City Cottages Hein Park is a planned development located on 4.25 acres of the McConnell Street Subdivision just east of Hein Park. Featuring 15 three-bedroom, two-bath homes, a 22’ private drive and guest parking. Interior home amenities include vaulted ceilings with exposed cedar beams, crown molding and three-quarter tongue and groove walls.

Existing Condition

  • Zoned Residential Urban (RU-1)

  • 4.25 Acres

  • Home of New Bellevue Baptist Church Since 1949

  • McConnell Street Subdivision


Existing Condition.png

Proposed Plan

  • Gated Community Church

  • 22' Private Drive

  • Exit Only/Emergency Exit to McConnell Street

  • Guest Parking Provided

Revised Plan 10/8/2018

Revised Plan 10/8/2018

Concept Plan

  • New Housing Type

  • Single Family Homes Surrounding the Church

  • Compatiable with Surrounding Properties

Outline Plan

  • Property Can Easily Accommodate New Homes

  • Contributing Development with Surrounding Properties