More than land development consultants, we’re connectors—forging the pathways—to get to these new places in our communities. Why? Because the best developments, in our book, aren’t simply formed on paper. They’re brought to life through a shared commitment and earnest desire to work for the good of both land and people coming together to create new and better places to live and work.

Wherever we are in the process, we envision the ultimate promise—and the positivity—that comes from these new partnerships, the ebb and flow between people and place, giving and receiving, ensuring both will responsibly sustain one another for many, many years.

An all-inclusive, all-in approach.

At Solomito Land Planning, we’ll cut through the clutter and chatter; shoot straight, but never straight from the hip; dig out the right way to proceed and leave no stone unturned if and when exploring other avenues. We see all sides of every situation yet steer the course, facilitating compromises to get approvals and cooperation, exhaustive in our planning and preparedness at every phase.  

We also believe in giving back, helping those who help others in our community receive the same entitlements as those who build and develop it. What’s good for one of us is good for all of us.



Land Development Consulting Services

  • Due diligence
  • Site selection
  • Master planning
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Economic development plans
  • Site planning

Governmental Entitlements

  • Zoning
  • Subdivision coordination
  • Planned developments
  • Conditional or special uses
  • Right of way and utility issues
  • Site Plan approvals
  • Variance requests
  • Design review procedures

Project Management Services

  • Professional services selection
  • Team management
  • Governmental coordination and inspections

Governmental Processing & Permitting

  • Permit submittals and processing
  • Construction management assistance
  • Community consensus building and negotiations

Expert Witness & Client Representation

  • Memphis and Shelby County Environmental Court
  • Memphis and Shelby County Chancery Court
  • Memphis and Shelby County Circuit Court
  • State of Mississippi Supreme Court