SLP is proud of the work we do for our clients, and are so pleased when they share their experience. Below are a few kind words we've received.

Earl Williams

Loeb Properties

Brenda has been a big help to us with Overton Square. She was on the front line when we were talking to the community. If we’re going into an area where there might be conflict she’s able to troubleshoot on the front end because of her existing relationships.

Michael Hoffman

Industrial Capital Holdings, LLC

SLP is very connected in this city. Brenda is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to crossing all the t’s and dotting the I’s in the process to keeping things moving smoothly. Additionally, she’s very polished and professional when presenting in front of government panels, officials and boards. 

Whitney Choat

City of Southaven Development

SLP has an innovative way of thinking about projects. Brenda is up-to-date on what’s happening in neighborhoods, what tools are available, what projects are getting approvals in development. 

Brenda is also great at catering to her clients, and regularly goes above and beyond for them. We’re very upfront with each other and transparent when a project is not in the best interest of the city. From my side, I know what I’m getting with her and it’s great for us.